It’s February,  the month for celebrating the love you have for others and yourself, so it only makes sense that the month of love is also black history month! 

During the last few weeks students showed the love by learning about the rich history of their people. They learned about awesome leaders like Marcus Garvey, W.E.B Dubois, the Black Panther party, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and more. While learning about the leaders of the past, Pitch In students also learned about some of the black leaders that we have today and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

4th grade celebrated black history through the lens of dance and got to choreograph their own dance with special guest Starinah Dixon. Some of their new creations were The Birds, the Foot shuffle and Magic Feet! 

5th grade celebrated black history month through the lens of music, they wrote their own songs!

6th and 7th grade celebrated black history month by learning all about black leaders and what they accomplished with the platforms they had and was visited by special guest Samad Mohammed and Khalifa Farrakhan! 

Theres no better way to love yourself than to celebrate the accomplishments of your ancestors and acknowledging the resistance in your blood! 


Thank you to Samad, Khalifa, and Starinah for helping Pitch In celebrate the love of black history!