Pitch In Students Create Logos!

Special thanks to Y & R for creating a video that allows us to experience Pitch In student's moving through the creative

Pitch In Students Create Logos!2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Halloween Fun

Pitch In students were delighted to dress up in their Halloween costumes for family dinner this week! Costumes included race car drivers, princesses,

Halloween Fun2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Pitch In Week 3

  Building brands and learning about continents, what an exciting week 3 for our Pitch In mentees. This week, the 5th

Pitch In Week 32024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Pitch In Week 2!

Week 2 our new class of Pitch In 4th graders continued to learn the Pitch In routine and worked on establishing some

Pitch In Week 2!2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Pitch In Back In Action!

This week #WFF was extremely excited to reunite with our returning Pitch In students, now in the 5th grade, and our new

Pitch In Back In Action!2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00
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