Pitch In Students Attend Ray McElroy’s Pro Youth Football Camp

Pitch In students were so excited to join Ray McElroy’s Football camp this past week. Students enjoyed 3 full days of football training with former professional athletes! We are so proud of how hard our students played, practiced and pushed through the July heat!

Pitch In Students Attend Ray McElroy’s Pro Youth Football Camp2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Mummies at the Field Museum!

Pitch In students enjoyed a day at The Field Museum for our second summer field trip! Thanks to Mr. Anthony we learned all about ancient Egypt Gods and how to wrap mummies! Afterwards students had lunch by the lake overlooking the beautiful view of our city skyline!

Mummies at the Field Museum!2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Battle of the Bats

Four deserving Pitch In students were able to join us at Wrigley Field for our Battle of the Bats fundraiser! Due to great grades, positive behavior and overall improvement Tominique, Lattida, Damarcus and Da’Quan were chosen to represent Pitch In for our event.

Battle of the Bats2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00

Pitch In Summer Fun

The Pitch In summer program began this week with our first field trip! Pitch In students were able to enjoy a cooking

Pitch In Summer Fun2024-01-03T12:52:28-06:00
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