The first month of the new year was all about living a healthy lifestyle for our 4th graders. They learned about all the food groups and the effects of healthy and unhealthy food. Now it was time to put their knowledge to the test! 

On Tuesday, January 23rd, a special guest from The Kids Table, Liz, visited Pitch In to teach 4th graders how to make healthy spaghetti with veggie marinara!

The spaghetti was made up of SIX different veggies and the fourth graders was assigned the very important task of chopping them all up. They sliced, diced, blended, and stirred until finally they were presented with a nice, big, steaming pot of veggie spaghetti. 

While enjoying their creation they were given the recipe to take home and share with their families. 

Thanks to The Kids Table for teaching our mini chefs!