This April Pitch In students explored a variety of topics in 4th and 5th grade sessions.

Pitch In 5th graders focused on rebooting their attitudes as we learned new techniques to resolve conflicts and how to handle our anger in appropriate ways. We were also lucky to have several guests visit to further explore healthy conflict resolution. Our own LCA school counselor, Ms. Perry, came in to do some activities and Bryan Bickell joined his foundation, the Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation to teach us about Pitbulls. Pitch In students were able to discover connections between the way humans often judge pitbulls and mistreat them similar to students mistreating their peers or bullying.

Pitch In 4th grade students continued to read and explore new vocabulary in book club. Each group did an excellent job reading aloud and reflecting on the chapters covered. Family dinner presentations included a summary of each group’s book theme, characters, genre, setting and conflict.