Meet the new Pitch In Crew of 4th Graders!

Pitch In was beyond excited to welcome our new Pitch In 4th graders at the start of the month! In typical Pitch

Meet the new Pitch In Crew of 4th Graders!2017-03-19T02:14:54-06:00

Pitch In Parties!

The last two weeks marked the end of our 1st year with our 4th graders, and the end of year

Pitch In Parties!2016-06-24T15:02:50-06:00

4th Graders Star In Jazzy Miz Mozzetta

Last week our Pitch In 4th graders presented Jazzy Miz Mozzetta on the LCA stage with the help of Emerald City Theatre

4th Graders Star In Jazzy Miz Mozzetta2016-03-07T16:33:56-06:00

Pitch In Week 3

  Building brands and learning about continents, what an exciting week 3 for our Pitch In mentees. This week, the 5th

Pitch In Week 32015-10-22T17:57:56-06:00

Pitch In Week 2!

Week 2 our new class of Pitch In 4th graders continued to learn the Pitch In routine and worked on establishing some

Pitch In Week 2!2015-10-15T15:30:38-06:00

Pitch In Back In Action!

This week #WFF was extremely excited to reunite with our returning Pitch In students, now in the 5th grade, and our new

Pitch In Back In Action!2015-10-08T22:10:16-06:00
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