Building brands and learning about continents, what an exciting week 3 for our Pitch In mentees. This week, the 5th graders continued to focus on the “It’s a Big World,” theme. Last lesson, we learned about the American flag, and conducted a state project with our mentors; this week we taught them about the many countries and continents on the Earth. Each student was assigned a country at their table, and was asked to develop a poster with three new facts about their country to share with the class. We also had some fun learning how to play Big Chief outside, and celebrated October birthdays with a delicious cake!

The 4th graders were in for a special treat, as our friends at Y & R Chicago stopped by to teach them about branding. The students were thrilled to design their own logo as the Y & R team helped guide them with fun ideas. With all of the creative energy in the room, there were so many awesome designs. We celebrated October birthdays with festive sugar cookies, and will continue our lessons next week.

Next week we are also very excited to get together with the students families for our first “Family Dinner” of the new school year!