Pitch In’s COVID-19 Response Plan

Mission + Vision

To ensure that we continue to meet the developmental, social, emotional, and academic needs of our 4th-8th grade students despite an ever-changing landscape and in the midst of worldwide uncertainty. We know that we will shift our work meaningful ways, and all to deliver on a two-part programming approach, rooted in our historic Pitch In model’s success, and adjusted for the current crisis.


Pitch In’s Two-Part Response Approach

Part 1 – Pitch In Virtual: an engaging, distance learning-based version of our traditional Pitch In curriculum and programmatic support, delivered by Site Leaders using a variety of online tools and resources. This will include:

  • Online engagement through open cohort “hangouts” / office hours.
  • Appearances from virtual guest speakers and community partners.
  • Video high school tours and connections to adult champions for our 8th graders.
  • Timely social work support to Pitch In families experiencing loss and grief.
  • Bolstering the morale of our teachers and school admins. 


Part 2 – Pitch In Fielding Essentials: this initiative will ensure that we respond to the basic needs of our students and their families, leveraging our existing community partnerships and resources to facilitate the distribution of supplies and goods. We are providing students and families with:
  • Groceries, medical supplies, cleaning products, infant needs, and pet supplies.
  • Technology devices and reliable internet to support e-learning. 
  • Personal “Pitch In Caddies” full of school supplies to support a rich remote learning environment.
  • Chapter books to promote independent reading.
  • A Parent Portal on our website with at-home activity ideas and remote learning resources.
  • And much more!

Our COVID Supporters

A Better Chicago

Amy Augenblick

Lisa Bofenkamp

Jennifer Buszka

Chiny Chewning

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Jeremy Ehrlich

Philip Grinstead

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Mark Krisher

Ziv Lalich

Leslie Lewis

David Mancuso

Crystal Menzies

Patrick Murphy

Maggie Packo

Megan Quinn

Meghan Schiber

Ashley Shaw

David Stone

Robin Thompson

Graham Allen

Elizabeth Borre

Alex Boustany

Dan Breier

Shana Crandell

R.P. Eddy

Robert Elisberg

Mark Haggarty

Nicholas Klitzing

Alex Krafft

Donna Lawley

Jill & Matt Ludwig

Mark Mancuso

Roque Mesa

Alex-Sandra Orso

Thao Pham

Marilyn Rhames

Eric Schmidt

Erik Shirokoff

Surge Relief Fund

Kerry Wixon

Douglas Arcidino

Michael Borre

J.P. Boustany

Kathleen Carlson

Andy Daglas

Jennifer Edgcomb

Kerry Gillenwater

Loren Jones

Alexis Kolp

Alex Kultgen

Megan Lehrman

Kara Mahoney

Dan Mantilla

James Miller

Lavine Owen

Edmund Pryce

Carrie Rosen

Heather Schmitt

Sarah Spain & Brad Zibung

Michael Tee


Help us keep the momentum building and remind Pitch In students how loved and supported they are. In order to uphold our stay-at-home order and stay diligent about social distancing, the safest way for our supporters to pitch in right is to donate at the link below. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!